The 5th CITEC summer school aims to understand better the principles of adaptive systems in the field of living organisms and robotic applications, covering a wide range from the basic foundations of neuronal systems to cognitive mechanisms, from a multidisciplinary point of view, including but not limited to: biology, psychology, linguistics and computer science.

Talks and workshops will relate to scientific understanding, analysis and modeling of autonomous systems in nature and beyond. Focus issues are adaptive autonomous motion, sensory motor control, exploration, resource sensitive system integration, memory and multimodal learning based on physical/verbal interaction capabilities and their practical implications.

CITEC Summer School will bring together experts from all over the world, CITEC group leaders and motivated PhD students to discuss the principles of adaptivity, while emphasis will be given to hands on session at the cutting-edge CITEC laboratories. Furthermore, CITEC scientific partners will join us to provide a broader view on the recent approaches of building adaptive system in innovative technologies. This year's summer school will take place on September 27-30, 2016 at CITEC, Bielefeld University, Germany. Application will be open by end of May.