The sink that prompts you to brush your teeth

An earlier CITEC project was concerned with the fact that people with cognitive impairments often forget to carry out daily routines in the correct order. Even small distractions can be unsettling, causing the person to forget what comes next in the routine. Carers often step in, although the person is physically able to carry out the task independently. 

One of the tasks that the “Taped” project assisted test persons with was cleaning teeth. The name stands for “Task Assistance for Persons with Cognitive Disabilities”. An “intelligent” sink observes teeth brushing with cameras and sensors, and offers tips. If the system detects that the person has forgotten to add toothpaste before teeth brushing, it will advise the person to “use toothpaste” both visually and audibly.



The custom built 3D training environment “OctaVis” places the user in a virtual supermarket. Through memorising a shopping list and finding the items in the supermarket, users train their brain. The target group for this rehabilitation is people with brain function disorders who have problems with their memory, spatial orientation or visual perception as the result of a stroke, for example. The CITEC researchers developed the project between 2009 and 2013 and tested it in the Bielefeld Evangelical Hospital, Bethel. It originates from the project CITmed (Cognitive Interaction Technology for Medicine).