Research Platforms

The CLF hosts or maintains several customized research platforms. These differ in the level of support ranging from keeping them functional up to experimental support in some cases.  Please contact CLF for any requests.

Tobi/Biron platform:
This platform is based on the MobileRobots GuiaBot and is used in the RoboCup@Home competitions.

MekaBot M1:
Omnidirectional robotic platform with an anthropomorphic bimanual torso with sensor head which is mounted on a lift. This platform will be used in the research apartment within the Cognitive Service Robotics Apartment (CSRA) project. 

CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment:
This is an L-shaped 3D stereo back-projection (passive infitec). The CAVE is exemplarily used in the ICSPACE project where it features an assistive sports scenario.

This is an anthropomorphic robot head that combines a modular design approach with a sensor head. It comprises 18 degrees of freedom for facial expressions (mouth/lips, eyes, eye brows, eye lids, neck).

The iCub and Coman platforms (hosted in the CoR-Lab) is a kid-sized humanoid robot provided by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

The Nao platform (hosted in the CoR-Lab) is a small humanoid robot manufactured by Aldebaran Robotics.

Bionic Handling Assistant:
The Bionic Handling Assistant (hosted in the CoR-Lab) is an elefant-trunk-like robot arm manufactured by Festo.