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Since its foundation 50 years ago, Bielefeld University has been distinguished by an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and has been guided by the principle of its official motto "Transcending Boundaries - between disciplines and scientific cultures, between research and teaching, and between science and society".

The Cluster of Excellence CITEC stands for Bielefeld University's strategic research area "Interactive Intelligent Systems". The Cluster is mainly located in the CITEC building on the Bielefeld Campus North. The building is carefully tailored to the needs of the CITEC‘s long term research agendae. Its key element is a large central laboratory core, surrounded by a ring of auxiliary laboratories to support large-scale experiments. The integrated lecture hall creates synergies through workshops and seminars held in close proximity to the research laboratories. This concept was ranked first among 100 German competitors and received funding of 32 million Euros. Most of the CITEC robotic labs are located in the building, allowing access to a world-wide unique collection of robots ranging from humanoid platforms over biologically inspired robots and manipulation oriented robotic devices to navigation platforms.