02. November 2018
Rejoicing People

A Start-up Atmosphere at CITEC

From 26–28 October, young start-up founders developed concepts for tech start-ups, drawing upon new insights from research.

01. November 2018
Robot Head Floka

Robot Head Floka Greets Guests at Formnext Trade Fair in Frankfurt

CITEC will be exhibiting at the Formnext trade fair in Frankfurt from 13–16 November as part of H&H’s exhibition booth. H&H is a 3-D printing company. 

29. October 2018
Elisabetta Chicca

Building High-Performance Systems Modelled on the Brain

Professor Dr. Elisabetta Chicca studies artificial nervous systems, which can process natural information much more effectively than conventional computers.

28. October 2018

CITEC Displaying AMiRo Mini Robot at 2018 FMB Trade Fair

CITEC will be exhibiting as part of the joint exhibition booth of the it’s OWL Technology Network at the FMB Supplier Show for Mechanical Engineering from 7–9 November.

27. October 2018
Person with glasses in virtual surrounding

Muscling Through the Virtual Mountain

At the new Interactive Locomotion Lab, researchers from biology and computer science are studying the role of the human body in planning and controlling motion.