Winners of “Jugend Forscht" Travel with CITEC to Robocup Championship

Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (Association of German Engineers) sponsoring fourth-place team from “Jugend forscht” competition to travel to the Robocup world championship with CITEC Team “ToBi.”

Winners of the 51st national science competition “Jugend forscht” (“Young people conducting research”) Manuel Rieger, Joseph Beerel, and Karl Christian are excited to be attending the upcoming Robocup world championship, where they will accompany the ToBi team from Bielefeld University. In recent years, the Bielefeld service robot ToBi was very successful in the household service league at both the national and international levels.

Manuel Rieger, Joseph Beerel, Karl Christian Lautenschläger (from left) with MC RoBeK, the combat sports and self-defense  training robot they developed. Photo: Stiftung Jugend forscht e. V. Since 2009, CITEC researchers have successfully participated in competitions in Germany and abroad with the service robot ToBi, regularly placing in the top 5 ranking teams in the world. The Bielefeld robot ToBi has a mobile base and a graspable arm. It is also fitted with deep sensors, color cameras, and two laser scanners that allow ToBi to perceive its surroundings. The robitic prototype Biron, which stands for “Bielefeld Robot Companion,” serves as the model for Tobi. The Bielefeld team posts updates on the progress of the competition on its twitter feed:

12,058 youth applied this year to the “Jugend Forscht” competition – with a total of 6,372 projects. Of these, 110 projects were chosen from 191 candidates in seven different scientific fields.

These three students from the Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium in Zeulenroda constructed a sports training partner robot for combat sports and The award winners pose with the selection committee shortly after receiving their prize certificates: (pictured from left to right): Herbert Sommer Karl-Heinz Stiller, Michael Dreier, Manuel Rieger, Joseph Beerel, Karl Christian Lautenschläger, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Risch, Dr. Kurt Beiersdörfer, Prof. Dr. Helge. Photo: Stiftung Jugend forscht e. V. self-defense, submitted to the competition field of technology. The robot “MC RoBeK” offers four basic punches, which can be combined in any sequence. The power of the robot’s individual punches can be adjusted based on the human athlete’s abilities. For combat sports, it is important to practice the same punches and moves over and over again in order to perform them as precisely as possible. A human sparring partner quickly grows bored of this monotonous practice, which can lead to injuries. A padded, easily operated training robot, however, is a good partner for workouts. The MC RoBek is the size of the average person and has a head and shoulders, along with a pelvis and legs, which are attached to the ground. During the Easter holidays, the kickboxing world champion John Kallenbach visited the Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium and tested out the training robot.

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