WDR-Fernsehen Introduces RoboCup Team

Die Informatiker Luca Lach (links) und Privatdozent Dr. Sven Wachsmuth (rechts) treten Ende Juli gemeinsam mit ihrem Team und den Roboten Pepper (vorne links) und Tobi (hinten rechts) beim RoboCup in Japan an. Foto: CITEC/Universität BielefeldFrom 27–30 July 2017, the CITEC team will defend its title of world champion in the household service league of the RoboCup competition, which is being held this year in Nagoya, Japan. WDR-Fernsehen (WDR-TV, a German television network) broadcasted a report about the preparations being made by the researchers and students in advance of the competition. The report aired on 18 July 2017 at 19:30 local time. 

The Team of Bielefeld (ToBi) will compete in the field of household service against 15 teams in the Open Platform League (OPL) and seven teams in the Social Standard Platform League (SSPL). In the OPL, teams compete with the robot of their choice, and here, the Team of Bielefeld is using its robot Tobi. In the SSPL, teams participate with a robot called Pepper, which is developed by the company Softbanks. This year will be the first time that the Bielefeld team will compete with Pepper, a robot with particular strength in human interaction. Pepper can recognize and assess the most important human emotions, which enables the robot to react directly to its environment.

Beyond the household service league, RoboCup is also known for its soccer league in which robots play soccer against one another. In other leagues, robots are used to compete in the areas of human rescue, logistics, and industrial manufacturing. The Team of Bielefeld includes 11 Bachelor’s and Master’s students, most of whom will be participating in RoboCup for the first time. Privatdozent Dr. Sven Wachsmuth, who heads the CITEC Central Lab Facilities, advises and coordinates the team together with CITEC researchers Florian Lier and Sebastian Meyer zu Borgsen. The Bielefeld team has been competing in RoboCup competitions with its robots since 2009.

PD Dr. Sven Wachsmuth, Bielefeld University
Central Lab Facilities of the Cluster of Excellence CITEC
Telephone: 0521 106-2937
Email: swachsmu@techfak.uni-bielefeld.de

More information is available online at:
Website of the RoboCup world championship in Japan: https://www.robocup2017.org