ToBI is a top five team in the world

The RoboCup 2011 is over, team ToBI is safely back in Bielefeld and made it into the finals, finishing in 5th place of the world championship in Istanbul.

The RoboCup world championship is the most important competition for robots and their programmers. The @HOME League, in which team ToBI is participating since 2009, involves artificial intelligence and intelligent robotics research and challenges service robots with tasks drawn from basic houshold activities.

The 5th place of team ToBI is an outcome of all the hard work of the students and team leaders, the programming environment and the software maintanance. One of the biggest factors why ToBI made it into the finals certainly is, because they are constantly integrating new features into the system. Another factor that was rated well by the referees is the work with mobile devices on the platform - not to control the platform but to use the device for the robot as a system introspection tool. All this became such a great success because of the highly motivated and hard working team of students from the Bielefeld University. The team is looking forward to the RoboCup 2012 in Mexico City and is excited to gather a new team for next years challenges.

If you are interested in what team ToBI is working on: There will be a team presentation at the beginning of the upcoming winter term, the exact date will be announced soon.