ToBi reaches the finals in the RoboCup German Open

The Team of Bielefeld (ToBI) reaches the finals in the RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg from 15 to 18 April.

The largest German robot competition was held this years for the ninth time. After participating for the first time last year, the Team of Bielefeld was successful again. It competed in the RoboCup @homeWettbewerb in which service robots demonstrate their qualities as assistants in the home.

For the Team of Bielefeld, however, the German Open in Magdeburg is also a major test in the run up to the world championships this June when they will set off on the long journey to Singapore.

Click here for pictures of RoboCup.

The Team of Bielefeld:

Team Leader:Sven Wachsmuth, Frederic Siepmann, Denis Schulze, Marco Kortkamp
Team Members: Leon Ziegler, Torben Töniges, Jan-Frederic Steinke, Lukas Twardon, Jonathan Helbach, Andreas Kipp, Matthias Schröder, Annika Rothert
Associated Members: Agnes Swadzba, Florian Lier, Raphael Golombek