On Thursday - 27.04.2017 - is Girls’Day

For the third time, the Cluster of Excellence CITEC is holding workshops for Girls’Day, and the event is in high demand: a week before the CITEC workshops were announced in the Girls’Day sign-up portal, all spaces had already been filled. On 27 April, CITEC will present areas of research in which scientists are developing technical systems that are designed to make machines smarter and more helpful to people, and simplify how humans and machines work together.

This year, 15 girls will have the opportunity to learn about CITEC’s research at Girls’Day.15 students, from grades 7 and up, will discover professions and fields of study that they might never have known about before. Even though girls are growing up in a rapidly changing society marked by a great deal of technological progress, they still traditionally cling to old occupational profiles and choose their profession from a smaller group of possibilities than what is actually available to them. The nationwide Girls’Day event is an important building block for achieving greater gender balance in selecting professions and programs of study, and for the Cluster of Excellence CITEC, it is also a good opportunity once every year to show young women the technical fields in which they can also work – even if women are still somewhat underrepresented in these fields. On Girls’Day, the girls will have a chance to look behind the scenes of CITEC, to get to know what everyday life at the research institution is like for the scientists and talk to them about their work. Girls interested can choose from three different workshops that will be available.

In the workshop “Once Upon a Time... Nao, the Storyteller,” from the Cognitive Systems and Social Interaction working group, the girls will meet the robot Nao. They will have the opportunity to teach him something and see for themselves whether the robot becomes a captivating storyteller.

WCITEC to hold workshops for Girls’Day on 27 Aprilith the help of virtual reality glasses and accompanying software, the girls can dive into a virtual reality and get to know the research environments of Dr. Thies Pfeiffer, from the CITEC Central Labs, in the workshop “Intelligent Integration of Human and Machine.”

The Cognitronics and Sensorics research group, with Daniel Wolf, will hold a workshop called “Build Your Own LED Flashlight” and will provide information about apprenticeship training to become an electronics technician for devices and systems. As part of this workshop, the girls will be able to build an LED flashlight on their own and take it home with them as a souvenir from Girls’Day.



More information is available online at:

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