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Publication of latest issue of BI.research

For nearly ten years now, Bielefeld University’s Cluster of Excellence Center in Cognitive Interactive Technology (CITEC) has been carrying out basic research on smart technical systems that adapt their behaviour autonomously to the expectations and needs of their human interaction partners. The main theme of the latest issue of BI.research – Bielefeld University’s research magazine – is the innovative projects with which CITEC wants to improve our lives in the future, the researchers who are working there, and how the Cluster of Excellence has grown over the years.

The magazine reports the latest news on the CITEC Large Scale Projects – for example, the Cognitive Service Robotics Apartment in which you can meet ‘Floka’. Only a few months ago, th e robot was also in use at the international RoboCup competition in Leipzig where, for the first time ever, the CITEC team succeeded in winning the top prize in the world. The magazine also reports on technical systems that open up a window into the brain, CITEC researchers who are creating computer chips that endow robots with a n additional sense, and researchers who are making robots more sociable.

For several years now, CITEC has offered a unique environment in which young academics can acquire qualifications in the field of cognitive interaction technology. In BI.research, scientists at CITEC report on what it is like to work in the Cluster. And former students recall how working at CITEC proved to be a pole position for their subsequent careers.


Apart from the main theme, you can also read about what distinguishes family companies from other companies, how young academics can work toward a professorship without having to pass the German post-doctoral habilitation, and how genes and society influence the path through life.

You can obtain a copy of the printed edition of the BI.research research magazine at Bielefeld University’s Press Office. You can also order a copy from And you can download a PDF version online.

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