A Start-up Atmosphere at CITEC

Hackdays brought together potential start-up founders

At Hackdays, more than 50 participants conceptualized a prototype or came up with a presentation for a start-up company in the high-tech fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality – in 48 hours flat. The second Hackdays was held at the Cluster of Excellence CITEC from 26–28 October. Co-organizer of the event was the Founders Foundation, a non-profit supported by the Bertelsmann Foundation. The R+ team took first place.

The winning team R+ celebrates their victory. The seven members of the R+ team included programmers, business developers, and one architect who conceptualized the idea of a plug-and-play device. It provides a service robot with certain individualized abilities without having to be programmed by a person. With this, robots could, for instance, greet visitors at a trade fair exhibition booth. For their concept, the team was awarded access to start-up grants of up to 40.000 Euros.

Team Slayy came in second place with an app for ordering replacement parts for machines by uploading a photo of the defective part on the app, making ordering much faster and cost-effective. Team Mind in Motion came in third place. They developed an application for virtual reality glasses that allows individuals wearing prostheses to train their motion capabilities.  

The jury was comprised of René Tünnermann, co-founder of the start-up “Margin,” Sebastian Borek, CEO of the Founders Foundation, and Dr. Minoo Zarbafi of Bertelsmann Invest.

Zum zweiten Mal fanden im CITEC die Hackdays statt. Experts and professionals from the areas of programming, hardware, business administration, and marketing and design, as well as general start-up fans were invited to Hackdays. The event was designed to allow all participants to take a few  steps towards founding a company outside of their daily work routine, as well as providing networking opportunities. Experienced mentors from the start-up world accompanied and advised the teams.

Team R+ included: Deniz Cingöz, Henrik Eserh, Nikolas Hemion, Florian Lier, Abhinav Thakar, Anna-Lisa Vollmer, and Corinna Wewer.
Zum Team Slayy included: Ashutosh Agarwal, Shenzhen Lu, Senan Poobalasingam, Adil Raza and Yasin.  
Team Mind in Motion included: Cagdas Can, Miguel Cienfuegos, Alessio D’Aquino, Rumeysa Gunduz Can, Mageshwar Indoria, Simon Müller-Cleve, Rahul Selvakumar, Karsten Tymann, Ali Yahyaoui and Oxana Zhurakovskaya.

More information is available online at:
From Zero to Tech Startup in 48 Hours: https://cit-ec.de/en/news/zero-tech-start-48-hours
Overview of Hackdays: https://foundersfoundation.de/hackdays/citec