Software Development: How Users Get Involved

Talk from “Gender Effects Lecture Series” on 28 January at CITEC on North Campus

Users participating in the very design of the software they use: this is the new approach in computer science, which takes into account the needs and desires of future users as early as possible. The different forms this can take and ways this can be implemented is the topic of Professor Dr. Nicola Marsden’s talk (University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn). In her talk “Users, Target Groups, Personas –  Accessing Humans in Human-Technology Interaction,” she describes common processes designers and development teams use to incorporate users’ perspectives.
With the Persona method, a fictional character called a persona represents the archetype for a user group and is ascribed certain characteristics and made to act according to a specific pattern of user behavior.

Nicola Marsden will give her talk on Thursday, 28 January, at 16:00 in Room 1.204 at the CITEC Building (Inspiration 1) on Bielefeld’s North Campus.

This talk is part of the “Gender Effects Lecture Series: How Women Are Engineering Tomorrow’s Technology.” The lecture series is being held by the Cluster of Excellence in cooperation with the Competence Center Technology-Diversity-Equal Chances and will run through July 2016. The lectures invite participants to discuss how women and men differ in the ways they use—and design—the technologies of the future, and how gender-equal technologies might function.

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