Research as Art

Photo exhibition by Janosch Boerckel in CITEC Building

After the successful premiere last year, another art show is coming to CITEC: the photo exhibition “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far” by photographer Janosch Boerckel, a student at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld. He will offer a guided tour through the exhibition on both 14 July and 29 September 2016.

His photographs open up an artistic perspective on academic and scientific research. The photographs were taken during the past months in the laboratories of the CITEC Building. To do this, Boerckel employed a special technique: “Because I am pursuing truth in photography and pure photographic investigation, I purposely abstained from digital photography and the possibilities for manipulation that come with it. The photos are on rolls of analog film. Using light, objects were placed in the foreground and others were left in the dark,” explains Boerckel about his artistic approach.    

From 14 July – 24 October 2016, Boerckel’s photographs will be on display in the CITEC Building, and can be visited on weekdays from 8:00–19:00. Entrance is free.
During the summer of 2015, CITEC exhibited art for the first time in its research building. The artist Gerard Christmann presented his Japanese-inspired pictures and sculptures under the exhibition name “Road to Japan.”