Photos from Cluster of Excellence CITEC Featured in Exhibition

Janosch Boerckel showcases the connection between art and science in his award-winning photographs

Photographs that fall somewhere between documentary and staging, between fiction and reality: photographer Janosch Boerckel’s work in “Nonplusultra” is a richly documented profile depicting what is currently being researched at the intersection of humans and machines. Boerckel won the photography award “Gute Aussichten 2017/18” (“Good Perspectives”) for his work. A selection of his photographs is on display in the first floor of the CITEC Building (Inspiration 1, 33619 Bielefeld).

For his prize-winning work in “Nonplusultra,” Janosch Boerckel shot his photographs at the CITEC labs, among other locations. Photo: Janosch Boerckel Janosch Boerckel’s photography depicts robots, or their individual components. Laboratory settings both with and without people, a collection of balls, or single minerals are seen. Boerckel sees himself as a “photographic field researcher,” and he shot his photographs at CITEC, among other locations. In search of the unknown, the series of photographs in “Nonplusultra” comprises a snapshot of current research activities. “My photographs remain enigmatic in their strangeness. For the viewer, it is not possible to distinguish photographs of factual scientific findings from those of fictitious research,” says Boerckel.

A selection of photographs is on display in the CITEC Building. Boerckel’s work can also be viewed in a solo exhibition at the Kommunalen Galerie des Kulturamtes (Kavalleriestr. 17, 33602 Bielefeld) through 27 April. In addition to this, his photographs are also exhibited at the Haus der Photographie (“House of Photography,” Deichtorhallen, Hamburg) and at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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