Masculinity and Sexual Violence on the Internet

Talk to be held on 28 April 2016 at CITEC on North Campus as part of the “Gender Effects” lecture series

In his talk, Emeritus Professor of Sociology Dr. Jeff Hearn will focus on the interconnectedness of men and masculinity with information and communication technologies (ICTs). In addition to the impact of these technologies on sexuality, Professor Hearn also points to a lack of contemporary research on men and masculinity that addresses ICTs. He also addresses the distinct ways in which men relate socially to ICTs at work, in organizations, and in the framework of broader societal changes more generally.

Jeff Hearn, Emeritus Professor at the Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland. Jeff Hearn, Emeritus Professor at the Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland. The focus of his talk deals with the impact of ICTs on sexuality and sexual violence, paying particular attention to so-called “online revenge pornography.” These are videos of sexual acts performed by one or multiple people that have been put online without the consent of the people appearing in the video. Posting these videos online without permission is meant to serve as revenge or to embarrass the people appearing in the video.

Professor Hearn’s talk responds to the challenges arising from the use of the Internet and ICTs more generally.

The lecture series “Gender Effects: How Women Are Engineering the Technology of Tomorrow” is hosted by the Cluster of Innovation Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) in cooperation with the Competence

Center Technology-Diversity-Equal Chances. Despite the name of the series, this talk will deal mainly with men and masculinity. The lecture series will run through July 2016, and its the various talks are designed to encourage discussion and debate on how women and men will design and use the technologies of tomorrow differently, along with how gender-equal technologies could function.

Professor Hearn will hold this talk “Looking at Men and Masculinities through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Vice Versa” in English. The talk will be held on Thursday, 28 April at 16:00 in Room 1.204 in the CITEC Building (Inspiration 1) on Bielefeld’s North Campus. After the talk, visitors are invited to a casual get-together. This event is open to the public.

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