Helge Ritter re-elected as CITEC Coordinator

Professor Dr. Helge Ritter was reaffirmed in his position as Coordinator of the central academic institute CITEC of Bielefeld University on 9 July. In its constitutive meeting, the Scientific Board of the institute elected Professor Dr. Marc Ernst to the position of Deputy Coordinator. Members of CITEC had taken part in elections to decide on the composition of the Scientific Board. The term of office lasts three years.

 CITECThere are nine members on the new Scientific Board. Apart from Ritter and Ernst, the professors are represented by Junior Professor Dr. Pia Knöferle, Professor Dr. Werner Schneider and Professor Dr. Britta Wrede. The group of academic staff is represented by Dr. Thomas Hermann, Dr. Christina Unger, Dr. Jens Lindemann and Cornelia Frank. The Scientific Board is the governing body of the academic institute CITEC. It decides, for example, on research planning at CITEC as well as the distribution of resources.

Professor Dr. Helge Ritter has been the Coordinator of the Cluster of Excellence since 2007, when CITEC was founded. He has been working as a Professor at the Faculty of Technology at Bielefeld University since the beginning of the 1990s and is head of the Neuroinformatics Research Group. Professor Dr. Marc Ernst takes up the position of Deputy Coordinator for the first time. Since 2011, he has been head of the Cognitive Sciences research group, which is part of the Faculty of Biology and the Cluster of Excellence CITEC.

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