Helge Ritter Confirmed as CITEC Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Britta Wrede was confirmed as Deputy Coordinator. Photo: CITEC/Bielefeld UniversityProf. Dr. Helge Ritter was elected CITEC Coordinator for the fourth time. Foto: CITEC/Bielefeld UniversityCITEC's new Scientific Board has constituted itself

Professor Dr. Helge Ritter was once again elected as Coordinator of CITEC, one of the Central Academic Institutes of Bielefeld University. During its constituent session, the Scientific Board also confirmed Professor Dr. Britta Wrede as Deputy Coordinator. The Rektorat (rectorate) at Bielefeld University approved the election on 8 August 2017.

Prior to this, CITEC members had voted on the new composition of the Board. All members of the Scientific Board serve for three years.

The new Scientific Board is made up of nine members. In addition to Ritter and Wrede, representatives of the professors are Professor Dr. Volker Dürr, Professor Dr. Thomas Schack and Professor Dr. David Schlangen. Representing academic staff in the new Scientific Board are Dr. Cornelia Frank, Dr. Rebecca Förster, Dr. Jens Lindemann and Dr. Anna Lisa Vollmer. The Scientific Board is CITEC’s governing body and makes decisions, for instance, on CITEC researching planning and distribution of funds.

Professor Dr. Helge Ritter has served as Coordinator of the Cluster of Excellence CITEC since its founding in 2007. Since the beginning of the 1990s, Dr. Ritter has been a professor in the Faculty of Technology at Bielefeld University and has led the Neuroinformatics research group. The Leibniz prizewinner also serves as director of Bielefeld University’s Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics (CoR-Lab).

Professor Dr. Britta Wrede has served as Deputy Coordinator since 2016. She has headed the Applied Informatics research group at CITEC since 2010, and has also headed the Hybrid Society at the Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics (CoR-Lab) since 2008.

More information:
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