Experience a 360-Degree View of the RoboCup Victory

Videos show how CITEC team won the world championship

At this year’s RoboCup competition, the Team of Bielefeld equipped the robot Floka with a 360-degree camera and filmed its performance live in the obstacle course. Two 360-degree videos are now available on CITEC’s Youtube channel, which show the Open Challenge and Finale from the robot’s perspective.

In the Open Challenge, teams are free to choose what to demonstrate in order to show just what their robots are capable of. For this part of the competition, there is a limited time frame and the jury rates the performance. The team from the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) won this year’s robotic world championship, which was held in Leipzig in July 2016.

The Team of Bielefeld secured its win in the finale of the RoboCup household service league on Sunday, 3 July. The team competed with the service robots Floka and Tobi, who were assisted by Amiro mini robots. During the competition from 30 June–4 July, the Bielefeld Team came out on top, ahead of 23 competitors. In the finale, the team competed against four teams. RoboCup is the world’s leading—and largest—competition for intelligent robots.