Envisioning Movement

Conference on the imagery and observation of movement from the disciplinary perspectives of psychology, sports science, and neuroscience at Cluster of Excellence CITEC

On Thursday and Friday, 12-13 April, researchers from the international “Research in Imagery and Observation” (RIO) group met at the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) at Bielefeld University. The group consists of researchers from the fields of sports science, psychology, and neuroscience. The 70 participants at the conference discussed their research findings in the area of the observation of movement and motor imagery.

Doctoral researcher Taeho Kim, from the Cluster of Excellence CITEC, presents his poster to RIO organizer Dr. David Wright (Manchester Metropolitan University) and others. “We envision certain movements, such as throwing a ball, and put this cognitive component together with our sequences of motion,” says Dr. Cornelia Frank, who is an organizer of the RIO annual meeting and a member of the “Neurocognition and Motion – Biomechanics” research group at the Cluster of Excellence CITEC. “By doing this, we become more familiar with the fundamentals of our cognition. And this allows for better training methods to be derived, which could, for instance, be used for rehabilitation.”

What makes this conference unique is that it brings together Master’s students with professors from many different disciplines to share their ideas. The two-day conference included poster sessions and talks from participants as well as two invited guests. Professor Cathy Craig, from the University of Belfast (UK), spoke about how virtual reality can help make decisions in sports. Dr. Shaun Boe, from Dalhousie University (Canada), gave a talk that dealt with the topic of motor imagery and learning.

Dr. Cornelia Frank, Bielefeld University
Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC)
Telephone: 0521 106-5129
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  Dr. Cornelia Frank (second from right), organizer of this year’s RIO conference, pictured in front of the CITEC Building with RIO group organizers (from left): Dr. Adam Bruton, Dr. Daniel Eaves and Dr. David Wright.