Eduard Zell Wins Second Place in the FameLab Science Competition

CITEC doctoral researcher Eduard Zell came in second place in the FameLab state-wide competition of North Rhineland-Westphalia. At the Theaterlabor of Bielefeld, the 30-year old wowed the jury with two three-minute presentations on facial animation in animated films.

Using the example of the French cartoon character Asterix, Zell explained the computer graphic methods used to make 3-D animated films to an audience of 400. He used a hand puppet named Charly as a model. Zell works in the research group on computer graphics and geometric processing, which is also part of the CITEC Cluster of Excellence.

In May, Zell will travel with first-place winner Sven Büttner from Bonn to the final nation-wide competition in Karlsruhe, where he will compete with the eight finalists from the other state-wide competitions.