Congratulations from CITEC

Hendrik Buschmeier hat seine Promotion erfolgreich abgeschlossenOn 28 November 2017, Hendrik Buschmeier successfully completed his dissertation on the topic of “Attentive Speaking: From Listener Feedback to Interactive Adaption.” His dissertation was evaluated by Prof. Dr. Stefan Kopp (Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University, Prof. Dr. Dirk Heylen (University of Twente), Prof. Dr. Britta Wrede (Applied Informatics, Bielefeld University) and Dr. Basil Ell (Bielefeld University). In his research at CITEC, Buschmeier framed dialogue as an interactive process in which speakers and listeners work together towards understanding by jointly coordinating their communicative acts through adaptation and feedback.

Hendrik developed conceptual and computational models of such “interactional intelligence,” that put a virtual conversational agent into the role of an attentive speaker that makes use of conversational feedback from its human interlocutors (short but expressive verbal and vocal signals, such as ‘okay,’ ‘mhm’ and ‘huh,’ as well as head gestures). It continuously adapts what it is saying to their needs – allowing the conversation partners to reach understanding more efficiently.

We offer our warmest congratulations to CITEC researcher Hendrik Buschmeier on his successful dissertation and wish him continued success in the future.