CITEC congratulates Simon Jetzschke for successful Dissertation

CITEC-Forscher Simon Jetzschke Bild: CITEC/Universität BielefeldOn 28 April 2017, Simon Jetzschke successfully defended his dissertation project titled “Multisensory Cue Integration: Dealing with uncertainty in navigation.” His doctoral dissertation was evaluated by Dr. Norbert Böddeker and Prof. Dr. Jacob Engelmann, both of Bielefeld University.

Navigation is a fundamental ability that makes use of all available signals. However, neither the information from one’s own body nor external information are consistently reliable: for this reason, the signals must be chosen for their utility with respect to the task at hand. As part of his doctoral research, Dr. Simon Jetzschke (a member of the “Cognitive Neuroscience” research group) examined the function of individual perceptual cues, and was able to demonstrate that these are optimally integrated (as predicted with probability models).

On behalf of all CITEC researchers, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Simon Jetzschke for his successful dissertation defense.