CITEC Congratulates Ricarda Wullenkord on Her Successful Dissertation

Ricarda Wullenkord (fourth from right) at the graduation ceremony with the work group Applied Social Psychology and Gender Research. Photo: CITEC/Bielefeld University  

On 12 July 2017, Ricarda Wullenkord successfully completed her doctoral dissertation titled “Messung und Veränderung von Einstellungen gegenüber Robotern - Untersuchung des Einflusses von imaginiertem Kontakt auf implizite und explizite Einstellungen“ (“Measuring and Changing Attitudes towards Robots – Investigating the Influences of Imagined Contact on Implicit and Explicit Attitudes”). Her work was evaluated by Professor Dr. Friederike Eyssel and Jun. Professor Dr. Verena Nitsch (Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science) of Bielefeld University.

Wullenkord’s doctoral research project deals with measuring and changing attitudes about robots. As part of her project, implicit, reaction-time based measurements to record robot attitudes were developed which could not be measured using direct questionnaire metrics. In addition to this, Ricarda Wullenkord tested an intervention to improve and reduce negative robot-based attitudes using MRI, which was based on the social-psychological paradigm of imagined contact. The goal of the project was to prepare humans for human-robot interaction, and to ensure that humans feel more comfortable interacting with assistive robots.

Congratulations to CITEC researcher Ricarda Wullenkord on her successful dissertation defense!