CITEC Congratulates Omar Ibraheem on Successful Dissertation

Omar Ibraheem (in the centre) successfully completed his dissertation.

On 12 October 2018, Omar Ibraheem successfully completed his dissertation. He is a member of the Cognitronics and Sensor Systems research group (headed by Professor Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Rückert), which is part of the Faculty of Technology and the Cluster of Excellence CITEC at Bielefeld University.

Ibraheem’s dissertation is titled “Reconfigurable Vision Processing for Player Tracking in Indoor Sports.” Members of his examining committee included Professor Dr.-Ing. Franz Kummert (CITEC, Bielefeld University), Professor Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Rückert (CITEC, Bielefeld University), Professor Dr.-Ing. Madhura Purnaprajna (Amrita University, India) and Dr. Qiang Li (CITEC, Bielefeld University).

In his doctoral research project, Omar Ibraheem designed a hardware-accelerated tracking system for use in indoor sports. Tracking systems of this type allow the individual performance of athletes to be assessed – and improved. They also provide spectators with precise information about the game. The system conceptualized by Omar Ibraheem uses FPGAs (a special kind of integrated circuit), a technology that increases the speed of image processing operations (which require a lot of computation power), and reduces the workload of the host computer. This allows for real-time processing of image data.

We at CITEC offer Omar Ibraheem our warmest congratulations for his successful dissertation.