CITEC Congratulates John Elvis Hagan, Jr. on Successful Dissertation

John Elvis Hagan, Jr., successfully completed his doctoral dissertation.On 5 June 2018, John Elvis Hagan, Jr. successfully completed his doctoral dissertation, earning a grade of Summa Cum Laude. His dissertation is titled “A detailed account on competitive anxiety on a perceptual motor task.” His work was evaluated by Professor Dr. Thomas Schack (Neurocognition and Action – Biomechanics, Bielefeld University), Professor Dr. Bernd Gröben (Sports and Education, Bielefeld University), Professor Dr. Matthias Weigelt (Psychology and Movement, Paderborn University), and Dr. Dietmar Pollmann (Neurocognition and Action – Biomechanics, Bielefeld University).

In his doctoral research project, John Elvis Hagan, Jr., dealt with the topic of anxiety in competitive situations, focusing on how perceptive abilities as well as cognitive and motor skills are linked. The goal of his work was a comprehensive investigation of the various dimensions of states of anxiety, and the associated psychological skills both in preparation of as well as during competitions among elite table tennis players from Ghana.

CITEC congratulates John Elvis Hagan, Jr., and offers him our best wishes for the future.