CITEC Congratulates Johannes Wienke on Successful Dissertation

On 13 September 2018, Johannes Wienke successfully completed his dissertation. He is a member of the Cognitive Systems Engineering research group (headed by Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Wrede), which is part of the Faculty of Technology and the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) at Bielefeld University.

The title of his dissertation was “Framework-level resource awareness in robotics and intelligent systems.” Members of his examining committee included Professor Dr. Philipp Cimiano (Bielefeld University), Professor Dr. Davide Brugali (University of Bergamo, Italy), Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Wrede (Bielefeld University) and Dr. Malte Schilling (Bielefeld University).

In his doctoral work, Johannes Wienke worked on improving the dependability of robotic systems. “Robots are complex technical systems, and there are many places where problems can occur,” says Wienke. He dealt mainly with so-called “performance bugs.” “These are errors that do not directly affect the functionality of the system. Rather, such errors manifest in technical resources like memory or the battery being used unexpectedly. This type of error occurs regularly in robotic systems.”
To prevent “performance bugs,” Wienke developed methods with which the resource utilization of system components can be systematically controlled and evaluated. “First of all, this should enable software developers to uncover bugs early on, allowing them to avoid new problems upfront during development,” as Wienke explains. “The system is also meant to autonomously recognize and recover from performance bugs. I developed the methods based on the principle that they should be easy to use and can be implemented with minimal effort.”

Congratulations to Johannes Wienke on his successful dissertation from everyone at CITEC.