CITEC Avatar Billie Presents TV Show

The avatar Billie has stood in as TV presenter. The virtual assistant, which was developed at CITEC, was actually developed to help senior citizens and people with cognitive impairments with schedule planning and to support them in maintaining social contacts. On Wednesday 7 November, however, Billie showed his ability to excel in other areas. He presented the regional news TV programme of Ostwestfalen-Lippe ‘Lokalzeit OWL’ of the German broadcaster WDR. Tongue in cheek, Billie addressed his audience: ‘I welcome you instead of my fellow presenter Markus Werner. Oh well, that shows how quickly you can be out of the game.’

The TV programme called “Hightech in der Pflege” (High-tech in Healthcare) presented research projects of the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology CITEC, including the study ‘Virtual Assistants and their Social Acceptability’ (VASA) which uses Billie. The study is a collaborative research project of CITEC and the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bielefeld (vBS Bethel).

Two other CITEC projects of Bielefeld University were featured on the programme, ‘Cognitive Interaction Technology for Medicine (CITmed) and ‘Task Assistance for Persons with Cognitive Disabilities’ (TAPED)

The impulse for the WDR report was the 14th OWL Forum Gesundheitswirtschaft (Forum on Health Management), which was held at the Stadthalle in Bielefeld. CITEC researchers were also at the forum to present CITEC projects relevant to healthcare.