ARD Children’s TV Program Shows Flobi in a Memory Game Match

CITEC’s robot featured on show “Neuneinhalb”

How close do robots get to a human’s abilities? In order to find an answer to this question, Johannes Büchs, reporter for the ARD children’s TV program “Neuneinhalb” [in English: “Nine and a Half”] invites Flobi the robot to an unusual duel of human versus machine, challenging Flobi in a game of Memory, its strongest discipline. They will go head-to-head in a match that can be viewed on Saturday, 23 January at 8:25 on ARD, “Das Erste” TV station.

Flobi the robot will meet his human opponent with emotional expressions. CITEC researchers developed the research prototype in order to analyze what humans pay attention to when communicating with robots. They are also investigating how a robotic head should be designed in order to make interaction with the robot as easy and natural as interacting with other humans.

This new episode of the ARD TV program is called “Human or Machine: Can Robots Soon Do More Than Us?” During this episode, the reporter will not only get to meet Flobi, he will have a look inside a robotic head.  He will also meet Momaro, who is being tasked with a special mission: the robotic assistant will collect a container of moon dust on an artificial moonscape.      


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