16. October 2017

From Avatar Assistants, to Robots as Therapy Aides

Agents are, for instance, humanoid robots and avatars that interact with humans as if they had their own intentions. The “Human Agent Interaction” (HAI) conference at CITEC is all about these agents.

18. September 2017
From Self-Confidence in Rats to Courtship with Electrical Signals

From Self-Confidence in Rats to Courtship with Electrical Signals

Behavioral biology is a topic of research at the Cluster of Excellence CITEC. This topic features prominently in a symposium at the annual meeting of the German Zoological Society in Bielefeld.

06. September 2017
Artificial Intelligence, Philosophically Discussed

Artificial Intelligence, Philosophically Discussed

Professor Dr. Stefan Kopp, a computer scientist, and Professor Dr. Rüdiger Bittner, a philosopher, discussed ethical questions with visitors to the Geniale science festival.

04. September 2017
Kognitive Architekturen

Cognitive Architectures: Using Software to Emulate Thinking

From 4–8 September, the CITEC “Cognitive Architectures” Summer School will bring together 30 young researchers from around the globe.

01. September 2017
At the World Café, Ralf Müterthies and Thorsten Jungeblut discussed the future of living with guests. Photo: CITEC/Bielefeld University

Visitors to Geniale Discuss Smart Homes

During the Geniale science festival, CITEC organized a World Café for the first time – together with the Diaconial University of Applied Sciences, the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel, and Hettich.