18. February 2019
Jasmin Bernotat

Honing in on Stereotypes

Prejudices and stereotypes are also brought to bear on robots, says CITEC doctoral researcher Jasmin Bernotat, who studies how stereotypes impact language processing.

14. February 2019
Prizewinners dissertation award at Bielefeld University

CITEC Researchers awarded for the best doctoral dissertations

The Bielefeld University Society has awarded its prizes for the best doctoral dissertations written at Bielefeld University. Among the prizewinners are three CITEC researchers.

07. February 2019
Multiple facial variants from a given skull

Calculating the Shape of the Skull in 3D – without X-raying

CITEC researcher Prof. Dr. Mario Botsch and colleagues from Wiesbaden and Mainz have developed a model that can conclude from a facial scan on the shape of the skull.

14. January 2019
Laura Hoffmann

How Children Interact with a Robot – and Learn Language from It

CITEC researcher Dr. Laura Hoffmann studies how robots can direct children’s attention, and how children can learn a foreign language with the help of a robot.

08. January 2019
Mona Lisa

Myth of Mona Lisa’s Magical Gaze Debunked

The feeling of being stared at by a picture - that is called "Mona Lisa effect". However, this effect does not occur with the world famous painting itself. That's what CITEC researchers found out.