07. October 2019
Forschungsprojekt ViTraS

Avatars in the Treatment of Obesity

New treatments for the severely overweight: A joint project involving CITEC scientist Prof. Dr. Mario Botsch is investigating how methods from virtual reality can help.

23. July 2019
Experiment on sensory integration

How the Brain Links Different Information Together

CITEC researcher Dr. Nienke Debats investigates the question of how the brain links together actions with sensory information from the environment. 

23. July 2019
Team of projekt on social bots

Unmasking Social Bots

How can technical systems be used to combat Social Bots? This is one of the questions being investigated in a research project headed by CITEC researcher Prof. Dr. Philipp Cimiano.

28. June 2019
Alexander Neumann shows how to operate the mirror.

A Mirror that Can Help Tie a Necktie

CITEC researcher Alexander Neumann is working on an intelligent mirror that can provide support for completing daily activities. In the long term, it could also be used to analyze health-related data.


27. June 2019
Katharina Weiß

How Attention Works on the Periphery of the Field of Vision

Most people are not even aware that they only see clearly in a small part of their field of vision. CITEC researcher Dr. Katharina Weiß studies how people perceive objects at the edge of their visual field.