29. January 2018
Dissertation prize

Dissertation Prize for CITEC Psychologist

Dr. Christian Hendrik Poth received the dissertation prize of the Universitätsgesellschaft Bielefeld (Bielefeld University Society). The CITEC researcher works in the Neuro-Cognitive Psychology research group.

29. January 2018

CITEC Welcomes Minister of Science

Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen paid her first visit as Minister of Culture and Science of North Rhineland-Westphalia to Bielefeld University. At it, she informed herself on CITEC's research.

03. January 2018

Virtual Twin in Ten Minutes

CITEC researchers have  developed an process that allows for a quicker creation of personalised avatars. The method is being used for ICSpace, a virtual fitness and movement environment.

21. December 2017

A Mark of Internationality

The Cluster of Excellence CITEC stands for creative ideas from internationally renowned researchers who bring new, innovative contributions to the field of interaction technology with their research projects.

20. December 2017
In Bethel unterzeichneten die sieben Gründungsmitglieder die Satzung des Vereins „KogniHome“: (v. l., vorne) Ralf Müterthies (Hettich, 3. Vereinsvorstand), Prof. Dr. Ingmar Steinhart (v. Bodelschwingsche Stiftungen Bethel, 1. Vereinsvorstand), und Dr.Thorsten Jungeblut (Universität Bielefeld, 2. Vereinsvorstand), sowie (v.l., hinten) Torsten Born (Steinel), Dr. Barthold Haase (Stiftung Eben-Ezer), Andreas Enslin (Miele) und Dr. Michael Schilling (Hella). Foto: Reinhard Elbracht

A Registered Association for the KogniHome Research Apartment

Seven partners have banded together to carry on the work of KogniHome Cluster of Innovation.