Two Papers accepted at ISCAS 2016 in Montreal, Canada

The Neuromorphic Behaving Systems Group is proud that two papers from the group are accepted at the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems 2016 in Montreal, Canada. Two members of the group are travelling to Montreal to present the papers.

Elisabetta Chicca will present a poster for the paper "Floating-Gate-Based Intrinsic Plasticity with Low-Voltage Rate Control" by Stephen Nease and Elisabetta Chicca. The paper presents simulations from a new neuromorphic analog circuit which mimics the biological process of intrinsic plasticity, a control mechanism which sets a neuron's firing rate to a target value over long timescales. This circuit could help stabilize the behavior of recurrent neural networks in future neuromorphic systems.

Frank Lucio Maldonado Huayaney will present the paper "A VLSI Implementation of a calcium-based plasticity learning model" by Frank Lucio Maldonado Huayaney and Elisabetta Chicca. The paper presents a novel VLSI implementation of a recently proposed calcium-based learning algorithm, its simulation results and comparison with the mathematical model. The learning algorithm is based on molecular studies that demonstrated a key role of calcium ions for long term synaptic plasticity. These experimental results have inspired mathematical models and hardware implementations of calcium based learning algorithms.