Topic on Neural Systems, Applications and Technologies in the book "A Short History of Circuits And Systems"

The Neuromorphic Behaving Systems group is proud to announce that Elisabetta Chicca contributed to the recently published book 'A Short History of Circuits And Systems' edited by Franco Maloberti and Anthony C. Davies. Alongside other CASS members Elisabetta contributed a topic on the chapter of 'Current and emergent topics'.

The topic focusses on the beginnings and recent developments in the 'Neural Systems, Applications and Technologies' field. The idea is to exploit the principles from biological neural systems for new technologies. This approach was first introduced by Carver Mead in the '80s under the term 'Neuromorphic Engineering' and over the past two decades this research field has been growing. Researchers are developing new technologies for circuits and computing paradigms to solve challenging engineering problems.