Research topic: "Synaptic Plasticity for Neuromorphic Systems" in Frontiers in Neuroscience

Together with Christian G. Mayr, Sadique Sheik and Chiara Bartolozzi, JProf. Elisabetta Chicca contributed to and wrote the editoral on the recent Frontiers in Neuroscience research topic "Synaptic Plasticity for Neuromorphic Systems".

The reserach topic focusses on the ability of biological systems to learn and adapt to changing enviromental conditions. The aim of the topic was to collect the most recent developments in modelling plasticity and in cognitive systems.

The research topic also features a recent paper by A. Thomas et al.: "Tunnel junction based memristors as artificial synapses".

The E-book of the research topic: "Synaptic Plasticity in Neuromorphic Systems" is now available through the following links: or .