Paper published in Nanoscale: Mimicking biological neurons with a nanoscale ferroelectric transistor

The Neuromorphic Behaving Systems Group is proud to announce that the paper "Mimicking biological neurons with a nanoscale ferroelectric transistor" co-authored by Elisabetta Chicca is now published in the Nanoscale journal.

In this journal paper Chicca and her colleagues investigate the potential of using ferroelectric hafnium oxide (HfO2) for simulating spiking neurons in neural network simulations. By using the accumulative polarization reversal in nanoscale HfO2-based ferroelectric field-effect transistors the authors implement two key neuronal dynamics, namely the integration of action potentials and the subsequent firing according to the biologically plausible all-or-nothing law.

With the integration of these devices into neuromorphic circuits the authors highlight the transferability to advanced scaling technologies and the beneficial impact it may have in reducing the complexity of neuromorphic circuits while reducing the energy and area consumption of the neuronal circuitries. This development has huge potentials in the field of large-scale network simulations.