Paper presented at 2019 BioCAS in Nara, Japan

The Neuromorphic Behaving Systems Group is proud to annouce that the paper "Neuromorphic Sensory Integration for Combining Sound Source Localization and Collision Avoidance" has been presented as a poster in the Young Researchers Poster Session at the 2019 IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BIOCAS) in Nara, Japan.

The paper presents a novel neuromorphic system which decides, based on auditory and visual input, how to reach a sound source without collisions. This sensory integration system is a key achievement towards autonomous robotics. Based on two event-based sensors (the eDVS for vision and the NAS for audition) the paper presents open-loop results of a audio based goal direction while avoiding obstacles using the visual input. Hence, the sensory integration network is able to find the shortest path to the sound source while avoiding obstacles.