New NBS member Steve Nease

We welcome Steve Nease as a new NBS member. He has joined our research group on the 1st of August 2014.

Steve Nease attended the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN, and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 2009. He continued his studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA, where he received an M.S. in 2011 and a Ph.D. in 2014. He has been a postdoctoral researcher in the Neuromorphic Behaving Systems group since August 2014.

Steve's primary motivation comes from the incredible efficiency of the neural networks implemented in biology. Even though the human brain has a great capacity for learning and computation, it only consumes about 20W of electricity. He hopes to build neuromorphic circuits and systems that are able to process information in a similarly efficient manner. He is particularly interested in the application of spiking neural networks to robotics learning and control.