New DFG Priority program MemrisTec (SPP 2262)

MemrisTec is one of 14 newly established priority programmes of the DFG ( The programme focusses on "Memristive Devices Toward Smart Technical Systems" and is designed to run for six years with an initial funding of 6 million Euro for the first three years. The commission of the programme is led by Prof. Dr. Ronald Tetzlaff (TU Dresden) and includes Prof. Elisabetta Chicca (Bielefeld University), Prof. Dietmar Fey (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg), Prof. Thomas Mikolajcik (TU Dresden and NaMLab Dresden) and Prof. Rainer Waser (RWTH Aachen).

MemrisTec focusses on seven main research areas, three concerning theoretical and experimental studies, and four focusing on applications of memristive devices. By combining theoretical approaches with practical applications, the potential for effectively using memristive devices for smart technical systems will be advanced. This is highlighted by the requirement to include a strong interaction between a partner, responsible for the realisation of physical devices, and another one, engaged with theoretical studies, in proposals directed towards the programme. 

Proposals must be written in English, and submitted via elan, the DFG portal for project submissions by 15 October 2019 (

The NBS research group is proud to be part of this innovative programme and is looking forward to outstanding project proposals and results.