Invited speaker at the Nature Conference on Neuromorphic Computing

On October 30, 2019, Prof. Elisabetta Chicca gave an invited talk at the Nature Conference on Neuromorphic Computing hosted by Tsinghua University and Beijing Innovation Center for Future Chips in Beijing, China. She was among nearly 40 world-renowned scientisits at the conference focussing on brain-inspired computation and their applications. The aim of the conference was to build an interdisciplinary open communication platform and to promote cooperation in the field of neuromorphic computing and engineering.

In her talk entitled "The time difference encoder", Prof. Chicca highlighted the usefulness and applicability of a biologically-inspired time difference encoder model based on spike events. The spike-based asynchronous compuation of time differences enables a highly parallel and low-power compuational principle. The presented software simulations and hardware implementations of the model allow a wheeled robot to freely move around in a cluttered environment while avoiding collisions with obstacles based on neurmorphic vision sensors. Prof. Chicca additionally emphasised further fields of application using various types of senors ranging from auditory to chemical signals.

Press release of Tsinghua University