Congratulations, Harshawardhan Ramachandran!

Harshawardhan Ramachandran passed his PhD defense on 19.04.2017. He sucessfully presented his dissertation titled: "Short-term plasticity: a neuromorphic perspective" in which he was investigating short-term plasticity in synaptic mechanisms for phonotaxis. The described systems were fabricated and evaluated in an aVLSI chip and will support the design of biological inspired neural networks. Examiners for the dissertation were: JProf. Dr. Elisabetta Chicca, Bielefeld University, Prof. Dr. Martin Paul Nawrot, University of Cologne, Dr. Chiara Bartolozzi, Italian Institute of Technology, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Barbara Hammer, Bielefeld University and Dr. Qiang Li, Bielefeld University.