A: Motion Intelligence

How can we integrate perception with action to allow robots to move smartly and assist humans in unexpected, every-day environments?

Future robotic systems will have to autonomously operate in unpredictable environments and to smoothly interact with humans. This requires the control of complex bodies with many degrees of freedom based on input from multimodal sensory systems.

CITEC unites research groups from biology, cognitive psychology, biomechanics, and robotics in order to endow robots with a so far unachieved level of motion intelligence, ranging from the planning and execution of goal-directed behavior to the functional recognition of objects and finally to the understanding of another agent's intentions.

In order to accomplish a level of sensorimotor intelligence comparable to that of animals and humans, the research area focusses on the following research topics:

Research Topics

  • Bioinspired Approaches for Complexity Reduction
  • Shaping Physical Interaction
  • The Sensorimotor Basis of Cognition