Cognitronics and Sensor Systems

With the increasing application of information technology in almost all areas of life, microelectronics has become a key technology of our modern information society. Its continuously dynamic progress is the driving force behind the development of new technical products that offer a significantly enhanced functionality and performance along with lower costs. Against this background, the joint research objective of the Cognitronics & Sensor Systems group is the systematic design of resource-efficient microelectronic components and their implementation in cognitive systems.

Our research and technology transfer activities concentrate on nanoelectronics, cognitronics and reconfigurable systems. In parallel to research, one of our major priorities is the theoretical and practical education of our students covering the highly dynamic area of microelectronic design based on concrete applications in the field of information and automation technology.

The Cognitronics & Sensor Systems group is a member of the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) and the Faculty of Technology of Bielefeld University.