Funding & Organisation

In addition to structured academic guidance, the Graduate School offers its members financial support, including:

  • An own budget for research costs
  • Grants for stays abroad associated with international research
  • Covering travel costs for inviting external experts ta attend a PhD thesis defense talk
  • Covering fees for mentoring programmes for female doctoral researchers

During completion funding (1.1.-31.10.2019) the travel costs of external experts for disputations of the members of the graduate school can still be reimbursed on request. If you have any questions, please contact the office.

The Graduate School Board is responsible for coordinating the Graduate School activities and for quality assurance. The Board has been supported by a Graduate School Manager from 2008 to 2018. Two doctoral representatives belong to the Graduate School Board.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schack (Head of the Graduate School)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Kopp (Deputy Head of the Graduate School)
Prof. Dr. Friederike Eyssel
Prof. Dr. Jacob Engelmann
Prof. Dr. Petra Wagner
Dr. Dirk Koester
Andrea Finke
Soledad Lopez Gambino (Doctoral representative)
Larissa Balduin (Doctoral representative)