Glasses that help see tasks through

The project “Adamaas”, also funded by the BMBF, is developing electronic glasses that assist the user with daily tasks, such as cooking. CITEC is working on the project with the eye-tracking specialists SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI).

The glasses have a display that guides and supports the user when they bake a cake, repair a bicycle or practice yoga, for example. The system is able to detect if a problem arises for the user during a task, and shows through its display how to move forward with it.  To this end, a display in the glasses shows texts, images and a virtual assistant.

Adamaas glasses are particularly aimed at senior citizens with mild dementia and people with learning difficulties. The system should also enable them to participate in the workplace. The partners of the project are the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel, proWerk and Altenhilfe Bethel. Members of these organisations are involved in planning how assistive concepts can be transferred to the glasses.  In addition, volunteers test how effective the glasses are in everyday practice.