Human-Robot Interaction-An Introduction

An expert international consortium, including Friederike Eyssel from Bielefeld University , has written the first textbook on Human-Robot Interaction published by Cambridge University Press in May 2020. Researchers from Bielefeld University (Germany), Ghent University (Belgium), Kyoto University (Japan), Indiana University (United States) and University of Canterbury (New Zealand) participated in a book sprint-writing workshop in New Zealand,  organized by Christoph Bartneck from University of Canterbury, NZ. The book is titled "Human-Robot Interaction – An Introduction", written by Christoph Bartneck, Tony Belpaeme, Friederike Eyssel, Takayuki Kanda, Merel Keijsers, and  Selma Šabanović.

The textbook addresses how the role of robots in society keeps expanding and diversifying, bringing with it a host of issues surrounding the relationship between robots and humans. The book is written for students from diverse backgrounds and presents all the relevant background concepts, describing how robots work, how to design them, and how to evaluate their performance.

The book is available through major booksellers and as an ebook at

A German version will become available in June 2020 with Carl Hanser Verlag: