Software Round Table Colloquium: Maven

16 March 2012
Begin time: 
UHG M5-114

This Friday, 16 March 2011, at 10h c.t. in UHG M5-114 the Software Round Table Colloquium takes place. The topics are 'Software Project Management with Maven' (Lukas Jelonek, CeBiTec) and 'CITEC Maven Repository Service' (CLF).
Lukas Jelonek introduces to the basic concepts of Maven, such as conventions, artefacts, the pom.xml, dependencies, and plugins, and explains how to further configure the build process.
The CLF will introduce to the new CITEC Maven Repository Service, its policies, and the integration and using in software projects at CITEC in combination with the Continuous Integration Service.

All interested parties are welcome.

You are invited to bring in your own software and software development related discussion topics to the Software Round Table Colloquium. Just contact Thilo Paul-Stueve at

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