Representing Changes – Deformation Methods in Evolutionary Design Optimization

30 October 2009
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In Evolutionary System Design we look at a holistic kind of engineering. One problem domain comprises the evolution of conceptually innovative designs and integration of possible solutions into the process of industrial design development. In particular, the interplay between efficient geometric representations and the optimization algorithm working on a pre-defined parameter set is an important aspect to achieve high optimization performances. In this presentation, the integration of state-of-the-art deformation methods, as e.g. Free Form Deformation (FFD), in an evolutionary design optimization is focused. Technical features and advantages of the choice of deformation methods as geometrical representation are highlighted and its implications on an optimization framework which relies on evolutionary algorithms are addressed. Illustrative practical examples ranging from gas turbine design to automotive parts and motorsport design give an insight of the application of the presented evolutionary framework in an industrial environment.