Interactive Sonification Workshop

16 December 2016
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The ISon 2016 will take place in Bielefeld, Germany, on December 16th 2016, with a satellite event on the 15th of December 2016. It is organized by the Cognitive Interaction Technology Cluster of Excellence (CITEC).

The ISon 2016 meeting is the 5th International workshop on Interactive Sonification, following the initial ISon 2004 in Bielefeld and the previous ISon 2007 in York, ISon 2010 in Stockholm and ISon 2013 in Erlangen. The meeting offers the chance to:

  • meet experts in sonification,
  • present and demonstrate your own research,
  • strengthen your International / European networking in sonification research,
  • learn about new exciting trends.


In this workshop we will pay special attention to Adaptivity and Scaffolding in Interactive sonification, i.e. how auditory feedback and interactive sonification provide a scaffolding for familiarizing with interaction and learning to interact, and how users adapt their activity patterns according to the feedback and their level of experience. For example, a sports movement sonification could initially focus the displayed information on the most basic pattern (e.g. active arm) and once the user progresses (i.e. feedback indicates that they understand and utilize this information), increasingly subtle further cues (e.g. knees) would be made more salient. This feeds into the important question, how we can evaluate the complex and temporally developing interrelationship between the human user and an interactive system that is coupled to the user by means of interactive sonification. To make a sustainable contribution, we strongly encourage a reproducible research approach in Interactive Sonification to:

  • allow for the formal evaluation and comparison of Interactive Sonification systems,
  • establish standards in Interactive Sonification.

High quality will be assured by a peer-reviewing process, and besides an online publication in the Bielefeld University PUB data base we plan to also publish a special journal issue, as following the past ISon workshops (see IEEE Multimedia Special Issue on Interactive Sonification 2005, Springer Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces 2012 and IEEE Multimedia 2015).