Humans, Androids, and Media

28 August 2012
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What is a human? This is the most important question for me. In order to answer to the question, I have developed a series of humanoids and androids. This talk gives you new ideas on robotics. Actually, robotics is not just for building humanlike machines but it is also a way to understand humans.

What is the human likeness? I have developed an android that has an identical appearance to the existing person to answer to the question. What is the humanlike presence? I have developed a geminoid that is a tele-operated android of myself. We can transmit our presence to the distant place by using the geminoid. Further, through these development, we have studied key factors for human-robot interactions and developed a tele-opereated robot that has a minimum appearance and function as a human. It is called Telenoid. This talk introduce these robots and discuss how we can understand humans through these robots.

Professor Ishiguro comes from Oska University and is Group Leader of ATR Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory. He is one out of 6 keynote speakers giving lectures within the framework of the CITEC Summer School. Everybody who is interested is welcome to attend his talk.