Guest Talks HAI steering committee

14 July 2016
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Prof. Michita Imai
Sharing Information between A Human and A Robot

A relation between a human and a robot is important for the robot to share real world information with the human. A live performance of social cues plays a significant role for information sharing. In this talk, I explain explain
several social cues and communication strategies to establish a relation between the human and the robot. Also, I explain that the information sharing prepares a basis for a natural communication at HRI.

Prof. Tetsuo Ono
Social Robots that Can Feel the Mood and Share Attention with Humans

A social robot that communicates with humans should observe the social rule and share the attention with them. In this talk, I introduce a robot system that can recognize the state of a social space by using smart phones that users are  equipped with. Moreover, I also introduce another robot system that can share the attention guiding the line of human's sight by entrainment effects.

Dr. Hirotaka Osawa
Utilizing social intelligence with agential triggers

Human-agent interaction (HAI) has become an important field in the field of human-computer interaction. The agent in HAI behaves with users as if it has its own intentions. It triggers users’ social responses, and instructs users through social channels. The use of HAI is widespread from the field of entertainment to medical purposes. The tremendous success of these HAI agents has been supported by the intentional behaviors of agents. These agents are sometimes very simple, but if their behaviors are sufficient to trigger users’ social acceptance, they
are regarded as being agents. The key factor in agent design through HAI is whether it has necessary and sufficient triggering expressions to evoke users’ social behaviors. The presenter shows studies of our HAI laboratory including several robots, ubiquitous applications, social simulation studies, and communication games.