Guest Talk: What’s out there? Novel Imaging Systems for Ocean Exploration

Public Event
14 June 2017
Begin time: 
CITEC, 2.015

The ocean covers 70% of the earth surface, and influences almost every aspect in our life, such as climate, fuel, security, and food. The ocean is a complex, vast foreign environment that is hard to explore and therefore much about it is still unknown. Interestingly, only 5% of the ocean floor has been seen so far and there are still many open marine science questions. All over the world, including Israel, depleting resources on land are encouraging increased human activity in the ocean, for example: gas drilling, desalination plants, port constructions, aquaculture, fish farming, producing bio-fuel, and more. As human access to most of the ocean is very limited, novel imaging systems and computer vision methods have the potential to reveal new information about the ocean that is currently unknown. Thus, the future calls for substantial related research in computer vision. The uncertainty stems from the fact that the ocean poses numerous challenges such as handling optics through a medium, movement, limited resources, communications, power management, and autonomous decisions, while operating in a large-scale environment. In the talk I will give an overview of the challenges in this field and will present novel algorithms and systems we have developed.